Megan and Rickey

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Venue: private ranch | Caterer: Cathy’s Casual to Caviar | Herbs for the centerpieces & hanging baskets: Pink Grizzly Greenhouse | Band: Gravely Mountain Boys | Dessert: Big Dipper Ice Cream Truck | Party Rentals: Eastgate Rental | Invitations: Kristina Berger | Wedding logo: Gwendolyn Landquist | Bartender & coordinators: friends of bride and groom


Venue & catering: Holiday Inn Missoula- Downtown | Corsages & boutonnieres: Bitterroot Flower Shop | Centerpieces: Local vendor at the Missoula Farmers Market

Myra Fravel Whitener -

Very nice pictures Davy!!

Meg Tanner -

Oh, my! Perfection. One of the most beautiful weddings I have seen. I just love every little touch. You and Rickey make the most amazing couple and the dog was the icing on the cake. Made me feel like I was there. Nice.

Christina Strache -

WOW….Perfection! Felt like I was there…even gave me goosebumps! <3

Carolyn Wenthe Mortimer -

Absolutely gorgeous !

Joe Berryman -

i forgot how frickin cute the nieces are. great pics guys

Teri Maloughney -

Absolutely beautiful. thanks for sharing these amazing images.