This is my beautiful wife’s maternity session.  Prudence and James wanted to be with momma in some photographs.  We are expecting a new baby girl in about a week and are very excited!


Charlotte Hicks -

What beautiful pictures! Lovely, sweet, innocent subjects…….fresh, calm, serene settings with great lighting!

Myra Fravel Whitener -

so very capture their beauty and such tender moments…we look forward to meeting your new daughter in march!! Keep us posted on her arrival and when she is to be delivered..lifting you all in prayer. We love you so!! and Happy Birthday to a little sweet heart.

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Angie Herrmann -

WOW! Your pictures are beautiful. They are growing up so fast. give our love to your family

Laurie Spinsby Durgin -

really good …and their clothes stayed so clean!

Myra Fravel Whitener -

These are wonderful pictures of your beautiful children. Such precious moments captured! Love you all!